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This concept InOne computer is a sexy all-in-one computer that captures your eye and won’t let go. It features a 22-inch display, keyboard, touchpad, speakers and a digital tablet all built into one single unit.

It also has built-in wireless connectivity and while we don’t have any detailed technical specifications, we don’t care. It is just too sexy. Hopefully it becomes a real product that we can buy. With good specs of course. Nice eye candy.

Most card readers just do what it says on the tin, read cards, but this concept design goes one step further. It provides a simple solution to store all of those memory cards you have. Peng Qixuan has designed this card reader and we like what we see.

You can easily store your memory cards inside, while it functions as a card reader with a retractable USB port. This card reader would be a perfect travel companion. Too bad it’s just a concept right now.

Rich people and their overpriced toys. This luxury phone is born from a collaboration between Aston Martin and Mobiado. The CPT002 won’t be revealed to the public until BaselWorld 2011, but for now you can drool over the photo.

It’s a glass smartphone with sapphire crystal and a capacitive touchscreen, which will act as a key for your Aston Martin, while letting you chat with your rich buddies on Facebook and Twitter. The CPT002 receives data from your car if there is an accident as well

Continuance is a rechargable battery concept by Haimo Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu & Xiameng Hu. It redesigns the traditional AA battery by putting a USB port on it. This way, the battery can be charged via a USB connection or the device can be used to charge mobile and other devices via USB.

It doesn’t seem very practical. You would lose some of the battery capacity just by putting the USB port in the battery. But it is still neat. Maybe in the future this could work very well.

This stunning watch design comes from designer Samuel Jerichow and is called the Hexagons LED watch concept. The watch contains neon tube-like hexagons to form shapes that display the time.

The hours are displayed in green,
while minutes are in cyan. Users can also choose between 5 different difficulty settings. This one is nice and stylish and hopefully it goes into production one day soon. It stands out from the crowd.

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By simply sending an email to 1112223333@txt.att.net for example, you can send text messages to cell phones via email. This simple technology can also be applied to your DIY projects. For example, if you were creating a DIY security system, you could use your computer’s parallel port to automatically text you if your alarm goes off.

AT&T – cellnumber@txt.att.net
Verizon – cellnumber@vtext.com
T-Mobile – cellnumber@tmomail.net
Sprint PCS - cellnumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Virgin Mobile – cellnumber@vmobl.com

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You can remotely shut down your computer from anywhere in the world using any cell phone with texting capabilities and Mozilla Thunderbird, a Mac, or Microsoft Outlook. It’s pretty simple to accomplish and the video above guides you through the step by step setup process.

Skype Version 5.0

With version 5.0, Skype has added a new switch for supporting multiple users on a single PC. The following steps would show how to create a new shortcut for starting a new Skype instance with a different Skype user account.

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Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other sites involved in trial amid fears some web users will not be able to access new addresses

There are concerns that some web users' routers may not work with IPv6 addresses and they will have to buy new devices such as this one from AVM. Photograph: AVM/EPA

Facebook, Google, Yahoo and hundreds of the world's largest websites are now testing the enormously expanded internet address system, known as IPv6, in preparation for the time – expected within the next year – when it becomes impossible to add new sites to the web using the existing system, called IPv4.

The biggest problem though in implementing the new system lies inside people's homes – where barely any of the broadband routers now in use can handle the new system.

In the UK, the communications minister Ed Vaizey is marking World IPv6 Day with an industry summit to discuss progress on switching to the new protocol. Vaizey said: "We must ensure we create the conditions that allow the internet to continue to grow and for companies to produce fresh innovations. IPv6 is key to the continued growth of the internet. It is essential industry deals with the switchover before there is an impact on the internet."

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Skype has patched and released the fix for the Skype bug we found so we can discuss the details of the bug.

Several other people have reported the same bug. Basically it is a persistant XSS attack that allows an attacker to redirect a victim to any website hosting malware. It is caused by Skype failing to sanitize a message before the client renders the message. It is persistant because it is stored in the users chat history and the payload is re-executed everytime the contact is clicked.

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